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Arcaenum: Episode 2
April 15, 2024x
00:35:4432.73 MB

Arcaenum: Episode 2

Rift Walkers: Arcaenum - Episode 2 Continuing the misadventure at Mainstay's Univer...

Arcaenum: Episode 1
April 08, 2024x
00:37:0133.91 MB

Arcaenum: Episode 1

Rift Walkers: Arcaenum - Episode 1 Set during the events of Season 1, Rift Walkers: Arc...

Season 1 - Q&A Special
March 18, 2024x
01:27:58120.83 MB

Season 1 - Q&A Special

Join the cast as we take listener submitted questions and relive some of our favorite and...

Latest Stories

March 30, 2021

Further Observations

How much time has passed between now and our arrival in this new world, “Aegedon”, as it’s called, is unclear. My las...

January 06, 2021

Such Great Work

Waking, Val-mes could open only one eye. The left, he noted, was fiercely swollen shut. He moved to survey the damage with his fingers, but...

What Our Listeners Say

A Must-Listen for D&D Fans

After finishing the first season of Rift Walkers, all I can say is wow! What a thrill ride this was. I absolutely love the insights in the Q&A episode and I can't wait for season 2. I'll be on the lookout for any news that comes out. I recommend this show to anyone who enjoys hi-quality sound and productions. The cast ...

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An Amazing Series

Start to finish this is simply the best. Highly recommend this to my friends and colleagues who enjoy D&D or tabletop. Also anyone who enjoys fantasy. Very emotional and triumphant ending. Very satisfied. Can't wait for second season.

Really strong start - Would recommend

Just began but loving it. Easy to distinguish the characters and their voice actors which is something I appreciate. Great introduction to the "new world' and can't wait to see more.

Found at LA Webfest 2023

Saw you won best actual play at LA Webfest 2023 and started listening. Wanted to get a good ways in before writing this and am loving the characters and can't stop listening. The serious tone is so much better than other d&d podcasts out there.

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