Rift Walkers

Rift Walkers

Mik DaejonMik DaejonRift Walkers Player
Brynjir IndridBrynjir IndridRift Walkers Player
Bartholomew GravenstoneBartholomew GravenstoneRift Walkers Player
Dominic MoreauDominic MoreauRift Walkers Player
Ifran Hzed-MirIfran Hzed-MirRift Walkers Player
Kadergas AdûlnKadergas AdûlnRift Walkers Non-Player
Kel'nïás MetseKel'nïás MetseRift Walkers Non-Player
Lirion LafruilonLirion LafruilonRift Walkers Player
Larots JayurLarots JayurRift Walkers Player
Luca ColeLuca ColeRift Walkers Player
Luna FrayLuna FrayRift Walkers Non-Player
Ralandir MaenorrRalandir MaenorrRift Walkers Player
Val-Mes Sûllis-ElVal-Mes Sûllis-ElRift Walkers Player
Reese MaenorrReese MaenorrRift Walkers Player
Vamahk NugalanathiVamahk NugalanathiRift Walkers Player
The Rift has opened, linking the Old World and the New. Join the Wardens as they journey through to a strange, new land filled with danger, intrigue, and adventure! Become a Rift Walker. Chat with the cast and fellow fans on our Discord: ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠https://discord.gg/JJth48w⁠⁠⁠ Find more episodes and Flash Fantasy fun on our website: ⁠⁠⁠https://www.flashfantasypodcast.com Produced by Flash Fantasy Podcast, Flash Fantasy LLC
EP 0 - "A New World"
Rift WalkersJuly 22, 202400:17:52

EP 0 - "A New World"

Welcome to Rift Walkers, Season Two! In this episode, you'll meet the cast, their characters, and get introduced to the vastly different world they'll be inhabiting. Chat with the cast an...

Season 2: Genesys Rules
Rift WalkersJune 17, 202400:05:07

Season 2: Genesys Rules

Welcome to a super special short episode of Rift Walkers, Season 2! Ammon gives us a breakdown of the super cool rules we'll be using this season as we switch on over from D&D 5e to the Genes...

Blood Run: Episode 3
Rift WalkersMay 27, 202401:03:55

Blood Run: Episode 3

Rift Walkers: Blood Run - Episode 3 The Blood Run concludes. Their destination barely a day away, the party of mercenaries comes face-to-face with the Scarlet Covenant and a life-changing decision....

Blood Run: Episode 2
Rift WalkersMay 20, 202400:41:51

Blood Run: Episode 2

Rift Walkers: Blood Run - Episode 2 The Blood Run continues. With the cargo revealed, the party of mercenaries press onward in their uncomfortable quest, ready to face the foes that lie ahead. Ch...