Rift Walkers

Rift Walkers

Mik DaejonMik DaejonRift Walkers Player
Brynjir IndridBrynjir IndridRift Walkers Player
Bartholomew GravenstoneBartholomew GravenstoneRift Walkers Player
Dominic MoreauDominic MoreauRift Walkers Player
Ifran Hzed-MirIfran Hzed-MirRift Walkers Player
Kadergas AdûlnKadergas AdûlnRift Walkers Non-Player
Kel'nïás MetseKel'nïás MetseRift Walkers Non-Player
Lirion LafruilonLirion LafruilonRift Walkers Player
Larots JayurLarots JayurRift Walkers Player
Luca ColeLuca ColeRift Walkers Player
Luna FrayLuna FrayRift Walkers Non-Player
Ralandir MaenorrRalandir MaenorrRift Walkers Player
Val-Mes Sûllis-ElVal-Mes Sûllis-ElRift Walkers Player
Reese MaenorrReese MaenorrRift Walkers Player
Vamahk NugalanathiVamahk NugalanathiRift Walkers Player
The Rift has opened, linking the Old World and the New. Join the Wardens as they journey through to a strange, new land filled with danger, intrigue, and adventure! Become a Rift Walker. Chat with the cast and fellow fans on our Discord: ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠https://discord.gg/JJth48w⁠⁠⁠ Find more episodes and Flash Fantasy fun on our website: ⁠⁠⁠https://www.flashfantasypodcast.com Produced by Flash Fantasy Podcast, Flash Fantasy LLC
EP 198 - "The Inevitable"
Rift WalkersFebruary 19, 2024x
00:43:1439.64 MB

EP 198 - "The Inevitable"

The End of Aegedon - The Inevitable Arc 15 - Episode 198 Atop the Crown of Aegedon, the party rallies against Kad in a final fight for the Heart of the Void. Chat with the cast and fellow fans ...

EP 197 - "Visions: Val"
Rift WalkersFebruary 12, 2024x
00:49:4245.99 MB

EP 197 - "Visions: Val"

The End of Aegedon - Visions: Val Arc 15 - Episode 197 The last of Kad's journeys into the minds of the Rift Walkers, as Val's motivations and memories are dredged up from the foul oblivi...

EP 196 - "Visions: Mik"
Rift WalkersFebruary 05, 2024x
00:39:0535.81 MB

EP 196 - "Visions: Mik"

The End of Aegedon - Visions: Mik Arc 15 - Episode 196 Mik's mind is laid bare under Kad's prying gaze as the history of the party's bard is explored in explicit detail. Chat with t...

EP 195 - "Visions: Ralandir"
Rift WalkersJanuary 29, 2024x
00:48:3644.53 MB

EP 195 - "Visions: Ralandir"

The End of Aegedon - Visions: Ralandir Arc 15 - Episode 195 Ralandir's memories are invaded by Kadergas and the villain's motives are made clearer than ever as the party's paladin del...